• pick a card

    Pick A Card for a Rainy Day

    Hello my lovely star flowers, This particular pick a card reading was done almost a month ago but I do hope someone can get a use from it. I felt the need to share it regardless. I do wish everyone a beautiful Sunday and a lovely week to come. You guys know the drill. Pick a card or two or all three. Card #1’s Message Card #1’s Message Sometimes, a friend can appear cold, or aloof, maybe not even understand you. Sometimes, you hold on so tight the fear of losing them can scare them away. Even if someone close to you doesn’t see a situation with your eyes, the…

  • for sale

    For Sale: Wine Bottle Lamps

    Hey my lovely star flowers, A dear friend of mine is selling these gorgeous wine bottle lamps which she made herself. There are many different designs and you can purchase them with a custom design as well. She is selling each for $20 not including shipping. If you’re interested don’t hesitate to leave a comment or call 727-242-0549. They’re great now for the holidays! Be true, be kind, share the love and light, Empress