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Pick A Card for a Rainy Day

Hello my lovely star flowers,

This particular pick a card reading was done almost a month ago but I do hope someone can get a use from it. I felt the need to share it regardless. I do wish everyone a beautiful Sunday and a lovely week to come.

You guys know the drill. Pick a card or two or all three.

Card #1’s Message

Card #1’s Message

Sometimes, a friend can appear cold, or aloof, maybe not even understand you. Sometimes, you hold on so tight the fear of losing them can scare them away. Even if someone close to you doesn’t see a situation with your eyes, the different perspective is helpful. The relationship can grow when the trust grows. If you feel something is off, don’t keep quiet, find a way to express those concerns, those feelings. Only then, will you truly appreciate what your dear friend has to offer and what you have to offer as well.

Card #2’s Message

The home life is flourishing with a love so beautiful. Whether it be a new addition to the family, redecorating your home, your sacred space, it is something that will bring you great joy. Others see the smile it brings to your face and they can’t help but talk about it. Even so, the splendor of the home, of the beauty you possess and share out shine anyone else right now. Look in the mirror and smile, your plans to expand will bring you immense joy. Put it into action. Make them blossom!

Card #3’s Message

I am seeing a timidity that wants to shatter. You might want to break away from patterns. The bird wants to fly, still perching on the man’s head. The thought is clear in your mind but the hesitation can hold you back. Think about what makes you feel happy, complete, like the puzzle pieces are coming together. Even if scary, or you’re simply intimidated, find what makes you tick. If you’ve found it or them, learn, grow, and fly.

Be true, be kind, share the love and light,


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