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Manifest January Tarot Challenge IG @lionharts – Day 1

Hello my lovely star flowers,

It has been such a long while! I was speaking to a friend a couple of weeks ago as I got back on social media. You see, I didn’t do it purposely, but I kinda disappeared from most social circles for a bit. 2019 was a very difficult year for me and for some reason I felt the best way to deal with it was hiding in my shell.

Naturally, it makes sense, 2019 was my Hermit year, while 2020 is my Wheel of Fortune year. Please do stick around to read and watch more of my adventures. Now, this is a tarot challenge I found on Instagram and decided to go for it.

I’m starting a little late because I started the new year with a pesky cold. My body is simply purging 2019 in full. ❤️

Day 1
Today is the beginning of the best year of my life.
I shall start 2020 by… opening my heart to communication, community, possibilities, and most importantly love. Over the years, opening my heart to people has been something I’ve found to be quite difficult. This year, letting go of fear and embracing the now and simply enjoying those around me seems to be a great idea. I have so much love to give and yet I haven’t been sharing it as much as I thought. Here’s to a year full of love!

Yes, of course, that is what I wrote and posted on my Instagram. If you’d like, I can share with you some more on my blog. I might as well use this baby to its full potential.

The Lovers card really does mean a lot to me. It is my zodiac card since I am a Gemini and really do love, love, in general. I truly feel we never really finish learning about love or how to love. Cool thing though is that there are many kinds of love!

I feel like sharing with you more about what I love.

I love to write and sing and when no one is watching I also love to dance. I am rather in love with the moon and love to count the stars in the night sky. I can be quite the hopeless romantic. I don’t usually express this much about what I love or who I love. I do know that love is a choice, just like in the Lovers card.

Relationships are fun but also delicate, as well as the people in the relationships. We never truly know what is inside one’s heart. There are secrets we keep inside because we don’t want to get hurt. I have fallen victim to not opening my heart space because of past hurt. I haven’t really been able to open myself up completely, be vulnerable, because in the back of my mind I am afraid.

The fear of getting hurt has kept me from experiencing some really beautiful things. I never knew it was okay to feel a certain way. I felt ashamed of my feelings and never allowed myself to develop them further.

We all have stories to tell, every storyteller is different, every story is different. I am in love with everyone’s stories because it is part of who they are. I am here today because of the stories I’ve lived and anticipate in telling as well.

This year, I want to share my stories with you and I hope you’ll all stick around and share your stories, too.

Love and light,
Empress ♥

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