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Manifest January Tarot Challenge IG @lionharts – Day 2

Hello my lovely star flowers,

I am trying my best to catch up with the challenge, so here’s the next one.

Day 2
My best year is a projection of what I envision.
Draw a card while you envision your best 2020.
The Devil

I envision this year being full of healing, even if I have to dive deep to do so. It is because I’m willing to dive deep that I will obtain the answers, possibly the clarity I seek as well.

The shadow to me isn’t bad or good, the shadow-my shadow is part of me. I will take their hand and free myself from all blockages.
2020 will be a year in which I’ll allow myself freedom of choice, love, self, life, and so much more. Goodbye puppet strings, goodbye heavy chains of guilt and pain. My vision is of me free to take the hand and walk side by side with my mirror image, with my shadow.

Coincidentally, day one of the challenge I pulled the lovers and day two I pulled the devil. You see, 15 the devil, when added up (1+5) equals 6, the lovers. I truly resonate with these cards. In the Rider Waite Smith deck, the Devil has the man and woman chained, while in the Lovers it is reminiscent of the Garden of Eden.

It is true, what was once a paradise can easily become one’s hell and then just as easily become trapped. I feel there is a misconception nowadays with the idea of a shadow. The real challenge is to rise above what the shadow self speaks, maybe even have a conversation with the shadow. They are just as hurt as you, possibly even more so.

The shadow is ignored and all it wants is attention, please pay attention to me and my concerns. We tend to ignore what bothers us, do something else, distract the mind, but sometimes escapism can only take you so far.

I truly want this year to be a year in which I don’t feel ashamed for loving, for expressing, for existing.

In the Light Seer’s Tarot, the Devil is extending their hand to you, but in that hand one can also see the strings of the puppet. The shadow can use your innermost thoughts and turn them into monsters. When we lose control of ourselves, the shadow takes advantage, especially if they’ve been feeling ignored.

They might whisper to you, “Don’t you worry, I can take control. I know exactly what you desire and I can make it happen.” Remember though, everything comes at a cost.

Instead of the shadow taking control, find a balance, take their hand but be on equal terms. If the scales are not balanced, then one can fall into addictions and slowly destroy themselves.

I strongly feel it is important to have a balance with your shadow self and with your ego. Tip the scales too much and you might not recognize yourself. It is all a learning process though, even if we did lose ourselves, we can always come back as long as we choose to.

There is always a choice.

Love and light,

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