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Manifest January Tarot Challenge IG @lionharts – Day 4

Hello my lovely star flowers,

It is really cold right now! My feet are in need of some warmth! It has been a couple of days, but I am still working hard to catch up on this challenge. Here I go with…

Day 4
I am the architect of my life.
This year I will build on this foundation.

I won’t lie, but I had difficulty writing for this day. I’ve had a lot of emotions stirring and I can feel a huge shift within. In creating a balanced blend or calling upon my inner alchemist, this year this foundation I’m creating will help me make better decisions as well as share more of my higher self.
It is way too easy to get lost in the ego with everything that is going on around us, but if we were to take the different elements to create new combinations that work for us, progress will turn into purpose, purpose turns into fulfillment.

I want to take this Universal smoothie and salad combo and have a deliciously divine year.

I wasn’t kidding when I said it was difficult to get a positive message out of this one. I had to sit on it for those couple of days, but I came back in a better light. I am very glad I went with my intuition.

Sometimes, we don’t see the messages the Universe is handing to us on a silver platter. I’m sure that’s how it is a lot of the time. Even now, the message is clear, I understand, but my heart is still trying to piece all of it together. You know, like an alchemist, trying to create something new from two different things.

These days, I am taking my shadow side, my ego for a ride, and I am trying to keep my higher self sitting next to my shadow in order for both to understand each other better as well. Let me tell you, they weren’t having any of it. Although despite the difficulties, I feel I have reached a sorta compromise with myself.

It is so important to be patient with those around you, but especially with yourself. I am guilty of being way too hard on myself. Funny thing is, when I put that out into the Universe, everyone else treats me harshly as well. It is a vicious cycle and that is why there needs to be a middle ground.

This year, I will also focus on reaching more compromises with my shadow, because in the end of the day we deserve all the love and respect, especially from ourselves.

Love and light,

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