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Manifest January Tarot Challenge IG @lionharts – Day 5

Hello my lovely star flowers,

I have been quite behind on the challenge, but I have had a lot going on in my life. I’ve had many loved ones in and out (thankfully) of the hospital in just the first month of the year. I’ve also had a lot of change going on within, which I am excited to share.

For now, I would like to continue with this challenge, and try my very best to catch up before the month ends. (*^∀゚ )ъ

Day 5
Creativity flows through me and guides me to new ideas.
Let your draw inspire you today.
3 of cups

It is through the bonds I have, friendships, family, dearest ones to me that help this creativity flow. It is through my soul connections that I help create these experiences to further my growth, spirit, body, mind, and heart.
Every experience, whether it be painful or joyful or in between forms a new path full of lessons.

Every connection is a lesson and with every lesson creativity paints the canvas in ways one never knew possible. Only way to explore further is by helping those soul connections grow.

I posted this a couple of days ago on Instagram. It has been such a difficult journey so far, even trying to keep this challenge going, not giving up on it. I have found during these difficult days that talking to a friend, kindred spirit, or loved one has been beneficial.

Sometimes, we need that alone time to collect ourselves and make sense of what is going on inside our heads. I have to admit, sometimes, I would much prefer to just shut everyone out. I am a Scorpio Moon, I am full of emotions and can’t help wallowing in them for a good bit. Cool thing is when you do open up and let your soul family or community in, it can be quite the experience, like soul food.

I have found it to be just as important to know when to shut off the world and when to allow them in.

I am still learning.

Love and light,

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