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New Video: Moony Energy Update for New Moon in Gemini
New Moon in Gemini energy reading ♥

Hey my lovely star flowers,

I do want to apologize for not updating my blog as often. I have been trying to juggle all the social media and making sure I share my content in as many places as I can. I am even contemplating Tik Tok, but I am not sure what—rather how to post there and how to make it interesting for others to want to see.

I am a baby entertainer and I’m learning slowly.

Either way, I will try my best to write here and of course the special goodies over at Patreon. I have held off on Patreon for a bit since I am patron-less, but hopefully that will change soon.

I hope everyone is safe during these rough times. I am sending so much love to all.

This video is just as it says an energy update on the new moon in Gemini. It was really fun. It is the first video I’ve made in the last couple of weeks where I feel more comfortable doing what I am doing. Because, lemme tell you, I am quite awkward.

Anyways, until the next time! If you enjoyed the video, please let me know by pressing the like button and if you haven’t please do subscribe.

Stay safe!

Love and light,


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