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Empath Journey: Entry 001

Hello, there, my star flowers,

I just wanted to make sure I wrote this before I forget. It is so interesting that I just took in a familiar scent of incense, yet, I haven’t burned incense in quite some time in the apartment. I was listening to some music on Spotify, some new tunes I’ve come across, and it was strong. Oddly enough, just moments prior, I had the strong smell of food on me since I was at the main house taking care of some errands and my cousin was making himself something to eat. 

Honestly, I haven’t been putting much attention to my spiritual journey because life has been hectic. I feel so empty and incomplete when I don’t feed that side of myself though. It is ironic, when I sit and listen to my “magic” playlist, burn some incense and embrace what I love, I feel I replenish myself. 

I can feel my darling little Nanako, my chihuahua, licking my feet, leaning her little head on them. It is so calming.

Lately, the chaotic atmosphere at work and home has been incredibly overwhelming. It is wonderful to take time to breathe in and enjoy the little pleasures, being mindful.

As I am writing, I can see from the corner of my eye, Samson, another fur baby of the family, lying down on his doggy bed. He sometimes reminds me of Scooby Doo because he is a big dog but is such a scared fur baby. He is calm now too because he’s not alone in the apartment.

It’s been difficult, trying to get myself motivated. I hold my tarot cards and I feel empty. I know it is internal and there is a lot I am working on, though. It is okay and I know I will feel better. Right now, it is actually so quiet and lovely. I am listening to music, currently Secret Garden, basking in the heart of it all.

Today is actually one of my character’s birthdays. Yes, I celebrate them as well. I haven’t written a story in awhile and I feel I have so much to share. My characters have so many stories and I truly feel they are meant to be shared with others.

I wasn’t sure if to add this entry to my blog but I don’t see why not. The last tarot deck I purchased was the lovely Crystal Unicorn deck. I might pick out some cards to add to this feeling, to this reading. I feel I am in a much better mindset right now.

3-Card tarot reading to read the mood of the entry using the Crystal Unicorn Tarot 🦄 💫

Alright, I pulled three cards, and immediately I noticed the two majors, being the Lovers as well as Strength. I didn’t concentrate on any question in particular, but I feel there is a sense of making a choice, picking a path and needing the proper strength to go through with it. The fear might show in the third card, which was Five of Swords. I feel that if I make a certain decision, I will be leaving people behind, disappointing them, making them sad or upset. 

Maybe, the cards are trying to tell me to do it despite feeling this will be the outcome. I am not completely certain because it makes my stomach turn. For a more general message, choose a path and stay strong as you delve deeper into your own journey, your own agenda. This is such a pure message. 

There will be conflict in life, because it is part of the journey, even if it can lead to going back on your prior choice. Doubt might present itself but it is important to do what feels right at that very moment. It really is about trusting yourself. Something so simple, yet, I have difficulty following through till this day. 

Well, then, I will end this entry here. I still have a lot to figure out, but these cards are really lovely. I will be doing a pick a card reading with them in the near future.

Be true, be kind, share the love and light,


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