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New Moon in Cancer – Pick A Card Reading

Hello my lovely star flowers,

I’ve been wanting to post another pick a card reading for awhile. Even if I have some more lengthy ones lined up, I decided to do something on a whim. The new moon in Cancer had me feeling all sorts of things and I had an itch to channel some inspiration. The purpose of this reading is to channel and share that inspiration your way.

Take a deep breath and choose one of the cards, two, even all three. Whatever feels right for you at this very moment. It is okay. This is a general message, if it doesn’t resonate that’s okay, too. Trust yourself. It’s all you.

Pick a card or all three, whatever feels right for you at this moment.
Aquarius, the visionary.

Card #1’s Message:
This is the perfect time to think outside the box. Aquarius is the visionary, always thinking about different perspectives, how to make things pop out. Be creative with your endeavors, paint the world in shades that scream your name. Be yourself. Be authentic. There is no shame in expressing yourself, even if you might feel otherwise at times. Your passion shows in the drive you have toward your projects, your relationships, everything you put your vision to. There is no mistaking it. Embrace it all in a whole new way and liberate yourself from any shackles of the past. You are free.

Libra, the peacemaker.

Card #2’s Message:
Things might be a bit chaotic in the home or work environment, but Libra calls upon the scales of balance. In your life, balance right now is key. Be a bit kinder to yourself. There is such a misconception to perfection. It is all in the way you view one’s actions, interpret one’s words. Even so, it is important to focus on yourself, because the energy you’re putting out is scattered. There is a need to recollect the self, relax, meditate, do something that will bring you back home, to you. Life is hectic and it is easy to lose self in the hustle bustle of every day, but sometimes all you need to do is give yourself the love and attention you deserve, from the most important person in your world. Yes, I am talking about you.

Gemini, the twins.

Card #3’s Message:
Usually, there are two sides to every story, and this one isn’t any different. An aloofness has been overwhelming the senses and it has been a bit difficult to find yourself interested in anything lately. Gemini’s are very witty and cunning and will always keep one entertained. Despite life being a drag at times, you might find excitement in the most curious of places. Take the time to plan an outing with a friend, family member, significant other, and explore. Be mindful and appreciate the details, because there is much more than meets the eye. There might be a diamond in the rough hidden in plain sight, but if only you wish to see it.

Okay, guys, I totally shuffled this deck, this has never happened before. All three cards are air signs! Well, I will say that the general message I am picking up involves expression and the realm of the mind. It is easy to overthink things but truly embrace your voice. Silencing yourself will only lead to an imbalance within, eventually causing blocks in manifesting.

Have a blessed week, everyone and thanks for stopping by! Let me know your thoughts in the comments below or tag a friend so they can pick a card as well. ***This is a general reading and for “entertainment purposes” only.

Be true, be kind, spread the love and light,


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