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Magical Haul: Literary Witches and the Book of Shadows Tarot

Hello my lovely star flowers,

I am really excited today because I got a wonderful, magical care package in the mail. I ordered Literary Witches: A Celebration of Women Writers, along with the Book of Shadows Tarot. Honestly, I stumbled upon Literary Witches while browsing Amazon, but the Book of Shadows Tarot had been on my wishlist for quite sometime. Literary Witches intrigued me because the art is lovely (looking forward to the oracle deck coming this August) and I get the opportunity to read into some amazing women writers from history. In fact, as I was reading the forward by Pam Grossman, I couldn’t help but feel incredibly inspired. It is just what the magical doctor ordered.

I’ve been doing a lot of planning and writing lately for my novels, even setting a goal date for the first one to be fully written, edited, and hopefully in the process of getting published, too. It has been such a long time since I’ve felt such determination. I definitely have to keep on track and not lose sight of what’s important to me. Well, with that kinda vibe level, I couldn’t resist. I want to feel magical, empowered, inspired, and quite frankly if reading about other inspirational writers doesn’t do the trick, I don’t know what will.

Each author section contains a page with art by Katy Horan and delightful, mysterious—dare I say—bewitching, prose by Taisia Kitaiskaia. Both author and artist combine their talents to decorate the pages with such an interesting concoction of dark intrigue. My curiosity was piqued from the moment I read the title. It was quite the personal decision to purchase this book. I would recommend “Literary Witches” to anyone wanting a sprinkle of inspiration in their lives by recollecting past literary women in the most magical way possible.

Now, I do collect tarot decks. I enjoy the different types of artwork so very much. The Book of Shadows Tarot kit contains two tarot decks and a full color guidebook written by Barbara Moore. 

I have only had a chance to skim it, but I feel I will be able to put it to very good use, seeing as the “As Above” deck use universal energies as well as Sabbaths for the names of the major arcana archetypes. The minor arcana is based off the elements, earth, air, fire, and water, while the court cards go from elemental to maiden, mother, crone. 

Where the “As Above” tarot deck is based on modern Pagan spiritual teachings, “So Below” expands on those concepts on a modern setting. Both art styles are beautiful, one is dark and holds arcane wisdom and the other fully open’s the gate to that wisdom, showing us how it is implemented in every day life. 

As in every tarot deck I purchase, I ask the cards to share with me some words of guidance, to bond with them better. I asked, “Is there anything you’d like to share with me? Say to me?” Below are the results of those readings.

For the “As Above” deck, I pulled Maiden of Fire, The Circle, 7 of Fire, and Yule.

For the “So Below” deck I pulled Ace of Pentacles, Temperance, and The Fool.

I definitely know where they’re going with their message, but I will end this entry here. If you guys enjoy this kinda content, let me know and whenever I get a new deck, book, or any other sort of magical haul, I’ll make sure to share. 

Thanks for those that stopped by! I am going to go take some notes on these lovely readings.

Alright, everyone, remember~ Be true, be kind, and share that love and light.


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