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1-Minute Tarot Storytelling Combo – Death and Maregician

From the Maregician Tarot

A knock was heard at the door and the Maregician stopped channeling energy into the crystal sphere he was holding. Upon answering the insistent knocking, a wide-grinned figure graced him, accompanied by a tip of the stovepipe hat on their head. The Maregician arched a brow,  “What brings you here?”

“I hope I didn’t interrupt you, but Mare there is an itch I need to scratch. Who better to scratch it for me,” Death chuckled adjusting their hat. “I can bring the end, but I need you to be the creative fuel for the beginnings to come.”


It’s been difficult, friends. The rain hasn’t stopped and water has been coming into my room since last week. Unfortunately, I have carpet and it is completely destroyed(and moldy, eww). I am moving all my things and throwing away the stuff that wasn’t salvageable. Gonna have to get rid of furniture and my bed, too. I already moved my doggo, Nanako, to the living room area. Staying in my younger cousin’s room until a resolution comes to play.

These two cards make a great team. I feel right now in my life there is a lot of change and tower moments, but the Universe is simply making room in my life for so much better to come my way. I look forward to it. Sending feel good vibes to all! 

Be true, be kind, share the love and light,


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