tarot storytelling

1-Minute Tarot Storytelling – Justice

From Tarot of the Vampyres

The vines continued to grow behind the woman, reaching for the poor fool standing inches away from her. “The scales aren’t balanced, a price must be paid.” What had they done to meet such end? “You have fallen from grace, forgotten who you are, talking cheap and leaving all sorts of messes for others to clean up,” It has been many years of reckless abandon, listening to everyone but themselves, ignoring the little voice that made sense of everything. Now, all that was left were countless thoughts and untouched decisions without any form of resolution. She drew her sword, “Your indecision ends here.”

It has been a tough week! I’ve been pretty hard on myself. Here’s to being decisive and resting best way I can.

Be true, be kind, share the love and light,


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