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    1-Minute Tarot Storytelling – Justice

    The vines continued to grow behind the woman, reaching for the poor fool standing inches away from her. “The scales aren’t balanced, a price must be paid.” What had they done to meet such end? “You have fallen from grace, forgotten who you are, talking cheap and leaving all sorts of messes for others to clean up,” It has been many years of reckless abandon, listening to everyone but themselves, ignoring the little voice that made sense of everything. Now, all that was left were countless thoughts and untouched decisions without any form of resolution. She drew her sword, “Your indecision ends here.”_________________ It has been a tough week! I’ve…

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    1-Minute Tarot Storytelling Combo – Death and Maregician

    A knock was heard at the door and the Maregician stopped channeling energy into the crystal sphere he was holding. Upon answering the insistent knocking, a wide-grinned figure graced him, accompanied by a tip of the stovepipe hat on their head. The Maregician arched a brow,  “What brings you here?” “I hope I didn’t interrupt you, but Mare there is an itch I need to scratch. Who better to scratch it for me,” Death chuckled adjusting their hat. “I can bring the end, but I need you to be the creative fuel for the beginnings to come.” ____________________________________ It’s been difficult, friends. The rain hasn’t stopped and water has been…

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    1-Minute Tarot Storytelling – Page of Cups

    Walking outside under the moonlight, in the garden, seems like a dream. The Page holds onto the flower, observing it closely, admiring its splendor, its intoxicating scent. Everything seems to be a reminder to the Page of a message, perching itself on the flower. The message has come from far away and only in time will the heart open up to accept it. “It’s nice to see you again.”_____________________I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! I absolutely love this deck by Masa Kuzuki and love using it for my tarot storytelling. Sending so much love everyone’s way. Be true, be kind, share the love and light, Empress

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    1-Minute Tarot Storytelling – 4 of Cups

    Each wine glass placed in front of the woman left her unfazed and uninterested. Every single one left her almost a bit annoyed, not understanding why she felt as so. “Is the glass half empty or half full?” The woman sighed, resting her chin on the palm of her hand, “Sometimes, I feel it’s neither… But that just leaves me with more questions than answers.”——————Today was a long day! Almost didn’t get a chance to write my minute storytelling. I hope everyone gets the answers they seek and the ones they need as well. Love you guys! Be true, be kind, share the love and light, Empress

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    1-Minute Tarot Storytelling – The Hanged Man

    Questions were being asked, pictures were being taken, and the poor woman who found the remains was still shaking in horror. It wasn’t the time to ask her questions, she needed to calm down first. The detective stared curiously at the almost pristine skeleton, hanging upside down. “I wonder for how long they’ve been seeing the world like this…” ___________ One of my favorite decks! I remember buying it last year during the time I saw the Netflix rendition of “The Haunting of Hill House”. Every time a friend or family member wanted to see it, I would rewatch it with them. Beautiful and absolutely haunting. If that’s your cup of…

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    1-Minute Tarot Storytelling – To the Moon and Back

    The woman sits and watches how people cross the street, run to the nearest coffee shop, even reunite with a long lost friend or lover—she isn’t quite sure even though that is quite the kiss. A blush escapes her, “It is so boring just waiting here, but sometimes I wonder if taking that step forward is really worth it.” The birds chirp happily as in agreement, maybe she could be the one with a long lost friend or lover, maybe she could be the one getting that exquisite-looking kiss. “I’m suddenly in the mood for coffee.” __________________________________________________________________________ Just a fun little thing. Hope you’re all well! Be true, be kind,…

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    1-Minute Tarot Storytelling – Knight of Wands

    “Hold on tight, Whiskers! I’ve finally found it! I’ve been searching for so long.” Whiskers, the Knight’s faithful—not feeling much of the faith right now—companion mewled loudly. In the distance, the dragon roared and the Knight continued to smile wide, “I’ve never felt this excited in my life! Onward, we go!” With another loud protest from Whiskers, both companion and knight set forth in the direction of the fire. ________________________________ Whiskers and I are kindred spirits, 😂. Every time the Knight of Wands appears in a reading for me, I feel I’m on the right path. Remember everyone, keep creating, keep manifesting, keep shining. Xoxo, Empress

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    1-Minute Tarot Storytelling – Magician

    “Take it,” the Magician smiles handing the selected tool of manifestation to the Fool. “I’ve taught you how to materialize your deepest desires. Now, show me how it’s done.” ________________________ Here’s a mini tarot storytelling sesh for daily inspiration. Keep creating, keep manifesting, keep shining.  Xoxo, Empress

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    Magical Haul: Literary Witches and the Book of Shadows Tarot

    Hello my lovely star flowers, I am really excited today because I got a wonderful, magical care package in the mail. I ordered Literary Witches: A Celebration of Women Writers, along with the Book of Shadows Tarot. Honestly, I stumbled upon Literary Witches while browsing Amazon, but the Book of Shadows Tarot had been on my wishlist for quite sometime. Literary Witches intrigued me because the art is lovely (looking forward to the oracle deck coming this August) and I get the opportunity to read into some amazing women writers from history. In fact, as I was reading the forward by Pam Grossman, I couldn’t help but feel incredibly inspired.…

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    New Moon in Cancer – Pick A Card Reading

    Hello my lovely star flowers, I’ve been wanting to post another pick a card reading for awhile. Even if I have some more lengthy ones lined up, I decided to do something on a whim. The new moon in Cancer had me feeling all sorts of things and I had an itch to channel some inspiration. The purpose of this reading is to channel and share that inspiration your way. Take a deep breath and choose one of the cards, two, even all three. Whatever feels right for you at this very moment. It is okay. This is a general message, if it doesn’t resonate that’s okay, too. Trust yourself.…